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Amanda Kay And The Amazing Travels Collective Out Now

Amanda Kay the sultry songstress and her compositions have been influenced by her emotions combining with all the music she has come across in her life, from jazz ballads to folk, from latin to rock and gypsy, from reggae to soul, from funk to pop. Her latest project is a collection of new tunes from different studios and collaborations across the world.

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  1. I Don't Wanna Fall in Love With You 0:30
  2. Esperanza 0:30
  3. 15 Song 0:30
  4. Garden on the Moon 0:31
  5. Put A Few Stars in it 0:30
  6. Manda's Manouche 0:30
  7. Just Outside My Window 0:30
  8. Bad Abbott 0:30
  9. Dream in Passing 0:30
  10. A Song 0:30
  11. Stolen My Heart 0:32
  12. Xpression 0:30
  13. I Fall in Love Too Easily 0:31
  14. Do You Want Me Baby 0:30
  15. It Could Happen to You 0:30


Until Tomorrow

E=mc2 The Epic Ballad Of Angus McCready

Crush Esperanza

About Amanda

Amanda Kay is a talented composer. She performs throughout Australia (from Cairns to Kalgoorlie, from Kununurra to Cooma) and has played in far flung places including Antarctica, New Zealand and Southern Africa.


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