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Administer The Medicine

Administer The MedicineAdminister The Medicine is a Cairns based, lively, original folk group. The group formed with the idea that music is the medicine for the soul. Members of the band have used music as a tool to assist recovery from injured spirits and troubled times. They use the emotions from everyday life in a positive way and wish to encourage others to do the same. ATM’s songs have a toe tapping intensity, unusual and intricate timings, and harmony, set to powerful, emotional and humorous lyrics. They have just finished a fantastic new CD recorded at Rom Stover’s studio. This self-titled album, ‘Administer The Medicine’ is one of a kind. Amanda Kay, (vocalist, guitarist) is privileged to be joined by professional players that have been in the music industry for more than 20 years. The experienced players use their wide range of feels to texture and shade, with the precise compelling metre of James Craigie on the drums, the tight jazzy influence of Glen Mashford on the bass and the intoxicating, melodic, lead guitar solos performed by Paul Green. Joining ATM for this CD are the sexy and seductive tones of Tennor Sax player Leeroy from the United Kingdom and Roan from Holland on trumpet. They write and play music for the love of the moment music can create, actively enhance and encourage the local original music scene. Kay writes tunes about everything, from her travels in Antarctica to promiscuous songs like The Orgasm Song. Her repertoire of more than 40 original melodies, entices audiences from all ages. Her themes weave from comic to heartbreak. The music is a mixture that has some Blues, Jazz, Soul and Reggae yet still keeps that delightful ATM sound ATM have been busy over the last few months with a performance at the Recognition Day Concert and a great set at Johno’s Blues Bar in June 05′. They have also been supporting the Cairns Folk Club gatherings performing at the Tanks Art Centre Cairns. ATM gained a lot of interest when they did a live to air broadcast from local ABC morning show. Audiences are thoroughly entranced with Amanda Kay’s unique compositions and the band enjoys the lively local followers.

Administer The Medicine

ATM1Amanda Kay (Composer, Vocalist, Rhythm Guitar)

Amanda Kay is a talented composer. She is performing throughout Australia (from Cairns to Kalgoorlie, from Kununurra to Cooma) and has played in unusual places including Antarctica and Southern Africa. She is receiving wide spread recognition, especially for her slightly controversial lyric content. Her solo CD ‘No Frills’ is getting airplay on radio and live performances have been aired in Melbourne on Russ Kellet’s Community TV program. Songs like “I Want To Share My Orgasms With You’ always get a response. Her insight and relationship with music crosses contemporary Music boundaries, unearthing unique melodies and unexpected resolutions. Her vitality on stage creates an energetic and enthusiastic audience. Her new work has attracted some exceptional player to join her in the studio. Administer The Medicine has brought this work to a new level. It is unique, original and compelling.

Glen (Mushie) Mashford (Bass)

Glen was born in Adelaide. He found his passion for music early taking up the drums. Just one instrument wasn’t enough for this talented player. He is quite at home on a guitar, piano, or bass. In this CD he does a beautiful walking bass giving the music a light jazzy lilt. In the rock tunes he gets that solid thumping bass adding to the groove, yet he is still at home in the laid back reggae style that appears on this release He has played with “anybody” and enjoys playing guitar anywhere. Mushie’s professional musicianship gives this recording a cool jazzy mood.

James (Hamish) MacKenzie Craigie (Drums)

Young James was born on the Shetland Islands Scotland. His family are a combination of sea farers and Highlanders consequently full of passionate music. James grandmother had a piano at home and the family used to spend much time singing intricate harmonies. His Mum was fascinated by Broadway musicals and since it was cheaper to take the kids to the show than get a baby sitter this was his regular weekend entertainment. He was exposed to styles including Caruso, Mario Allanza and Jack Bruce. James, at the tender age of 12, felt the calling of the rhythm and picked up percussion with the school band. He became a full time professional musician in 1973 and toured with numerous Rock, Jazz, Blues and Funk outfits during the 70’s and 80’s on the Australian circuit. He has supported many big name acts including the likes of Cold Chisel, Air Supply, and Max Merrit. During the vibrant years of live music in Australia James made guest appearances with some memorable artists including James Morrison and Paul Zammit. He ventured into the Jazz field and has played in festivals all over Australia and in every capital city. Of late he is playing with Brazilian Latin feels. James has been enticed into creating home grown music. This suits his creative drum flair. He has an exceptional timing that makes him the master of the pulse. In this CD, James shows his mastership of the relaxed studio environment that has given him room to shine.

Rom1Rom Stover (Studio Engineer, Guitarist)

Rom was born in Cairns and grew up listening to Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and BB King. Hey wait we’re talking about Rom. He’ll never grow up. Rom keeps a light atmosphere in the studio that keeps the music flowing. He was just playing around with the track Anymore and managed to catch the best guitar feel, so unexpectedly he’s on the album too. His wild guitar captures the fiery mood of the song. He fronts, and manages the Cairns band ‘Live Wire’ who play strong hard rock In the studio he has recorded albums for Tony George, Rita Mills and Backfire and numerous amounts of demos for local original work. Keeping that live feel. Roan Lakerveld and Lee (sax) visited Cairns in August 2005. Amanda Kay noticed their unique harmonies as they played in a traveling French street band Los Harmones. Roan (from Holland) and Lee (U.K.) joined ATM at Rom Stover’s studio. They enhance this new work with some rich fat brass sound.

Leeroy Joseph Johnson (Tennor Sax)

Leeroy has been carrying his saxophones around the world for the last year. So far they’ve been to India, Thailand and now Australia, playing to the rocks and mountains and out on the streets. Having played the saxophone for over 13 years in all sorts of line-ups and studio sessions he’s still managing to keep things going back home in the UK. London based reggae studio, Studio 55, have just released a series of 7″ vynals with vocalists such as Erroll Bellott, Seleah Colins and Joy Mack. These vynals feature Leeroy’s horn work, so he is still being heard in the UK as well as here in the Land of Oz. To contact Leeroy, email¬†

Roan Lakerveld (Trumpet)

My Mother and Father called me Roan when I first saw this strange world on the 17th October 1984. I can’t recall if I was a good rattle player in the kindergarten, but I do know that especially my Mum always encouraged me to get into the music. We had an old piano at home and she used to play some nice songs from the classical repertoire. Mozart’s ‘Minuet’ was my favorite. Then I attended the music class in my spare time, even to getting acquainted with all sorts of melodic percussion and the lyre. Yes I had my first serious relationship with a lyre, for about 2 years. Then we broke up leaving me full with finger blisters. I wanted to go into the real brass. Ten years I was when I took up the trumpet (mainly because they didn’t need horn players at the local wind band). For 8 years I worked myself up from a distorted elephant to one of the fundamental band members. At the end of my arranged music career I discovered the ultimate freedom of jazz improvisation and since then I got the jam-fever. Joining up with piano player cheesy Allan Vizzuli Ed’s and eventually even rock bands for a bit of real rawness amidst the amplification. The last years I’ve been playing in a fun-based ‘Sense in Nonsense’ band, or more a assembly of weirdo’s, as well as walking rigid choreographies in a marching band. I wanted to explore, after school, experience the world. I bought my little pocket trumpet ‘Louie’ and flew to Australia. It’s amazing how you can bump into beautiful musicians.

Paul Green (Guitar)

Greenie was born in Sydney and grew up around Paddington. While working throughout Australia, touring and recording, he performed with many musicians from Black Feather to John Williamson. This exceptional artist has performed at all the major venues in Sydney including the Basement. He is a non-conformist with tastes in music like Donny Hathway, Luther Vandross and Frank McComb. To keep himself happy he has designed many guitars and P.A. systems to suit his tastes. The studio, ‘Yabby Road’, is one of his engineering projects. He is currently playing a custom built ‘Flounder Bait Caster’ that he designed with some input from fellow guitarists. “Just give me a system to feed into”.


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