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Administer The Medicine Inspirations

Administer The Medicine Front CoverThe lyrics for all tracks can be downloaded on the Lyrics Page.

1. Had a Map

Have you ever been lost? The maps missing and you can’t find the right direction? Once I was badly burnt chasing a dream. I lost the belief in my dreams possibilities. Without the imagination of success I found that I lacked the drive to push forward and make my dreams come true. I’m glad that my positive drive came back to me. I can lose focus when the road feels too rocky and forget to enjoy the journey.

2. To Do With As You Do

Love is a beautiful thing. It is a gift you feel for special people in your life. I have given my love with expectations attached. Though the love was intense and passionate the high expectations caused disruption. I lost my temper when the love was still young. I threw all my toys out of the cot. The bond felt so strong but was delicate. Treasure the love you have. Nurture it and care for it. Let it grow into something splendid

3. Musics The Passion

I was at a jam night and was busy gossiping with other muso’s. An old friend of mine was telling us all how easy it was to write a song about yourself and how your feeling. He challenged me to write a song about someone else. I would like to dedicate this song to that amazingly creative base player from Canberra, the one, the only Upali

4. Rascal

I’m attracted to people who push societies boundaries, who are inquisitive and people who know how to have fun. Have you seen people who know what they have fun doing and who seek that joy. Have you seen the twinkle in someone’s eyes and know mischief isn’t far away Yes, I fall for rascals. Maybe that’s because I definitely have a bit of rascal in me

5. Way Too Much

I wrote this light and happy tune in a bubbly mood. I have been asked whom this song is about. When your thinking books they come in too main categories: fiction and non-fiction. This is a fictional song about 2 people in love. You have probably seen lovers so sweet they share secret little smiles with each other. They have a kind of bond that means they always look up as their love comes toward them and the eyes just twinkle. I hope all the stars I wished on will bring such a love to me.

6. Couldn’t Sleep

When I was traveling through South Africa I met a young lady called Erika Van Zyl. She showed me some of her work. I was very touched by her poems and asked if I could put music to her words. Erika wrote these lyrics about astral traveling to see a loved one. I’ve spent nights tossing and turning. I’ve felt the longing to have someone I care about near, on the nights I couldn’t sleep.

7. Keen

I have fallen in love many times. I love passionate and powerful people. Friction appears when I have a definite idea about something and so do they. Words and communication are powerful tools. The journey is easier if you do what you say. I’ve always been attracted to the bad boys. Here is a story about one of them.

8. The Storm

In the tropics there’s a time called the build up. At the end of the dry season the air is laden with moisture but it’s still too hot to rain. I wrote this song looking out over the mountains around Cairns. I was wishing for the rain and thunder to wash away my pain and ease my worried mind. Sometimes, for a moment, in the rain and storms that furiously break at the end of the dry, I forget I’m still not over you. This song is called the storm.

9. Change The Cycle

Last year I had a few teachers I didn’t like. Teachers aren’t always right. I have met my share of bullying, nasty, power trippers that chose this profession. Bad teachers, who don’t want to be questioned and who are inflexible, can always change or find another job. It’s never too late. If a teacher is being unfair communication is the key. The best teachers are there for the joy of sharing knowledge and take pride in their student’s achievements.

10. Anymore

Love is a funny thing. Sometimes the chemistry is so strong, then fades. Sometimes it gets better and better with time like good wine. Sometimes it just disappears. Once I was in a relationship and when I looked up, suddenly, the love wasn’t there anymore.

11. Where Did It Go

Have you ever run out of energy? Lost that drive that keeps a spring in your step and the sparkle in your eyes? I have. This song is all about your personal power. When you’re angry or sad or frustrated, it’s an energy. You can use this energy in anyway you chose. I like to write songs or go for a walk. Sometimes I even use that energy to clean my room. When you bottle up that energy hide it put it away or use it for something negative only bad energy will result. It’s taken me some time to practice using the energy for growth but when I do the results prove to me that it is a better way. Use your power.

12. The Election Song

Is democracy working? I think the world is intelligent and mature enough to avoid using brute force to communicate. An individual who uses violence to communicate is commonly reprimanded or re habilitated to be able to flow smoothly in the community. Do we see violence unacceptable in the community but acceptable in our international policies? Do our elected representative have the right to use the community’s money in international scale war games? Communication and diplomacy are being eroded to bend to large corporations greed. We have the power to vote for someone who doesn’t want to fight.


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