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No Frills

No Frills Front CoverAmanda has a song that is creating waves. It is called ‘I Want To Share My Orgasms With You’. The song was written from a woman’s idea of what she wants from a partner. Her dedicated fans love to yell out the ‘O’ word, and do so at concerts. “I like to play this song softly. It is a great meter to see if the audience is attentive. When I say the ‘O’ word its amazing how many people look up and smile.” This song is getting airplay on national radio (Triple J Australia) and is on her No Frills C.D

Track Listing

The lyrics for all tracks can be downloaded on the Lyrics Page.

1. A Closed Mouth Gathers No Foot

Have you ever said something in a hurry, before you collect your thoughts, and the wrong words come out? I often speak my mind before I think of the consequences. When I’m excited or passionate about something I’m unstoppable. Once words are spoken they can’t be erased. I wrote this song as advice for myself.

2. Are You

Confidence is important, powerful and inspiring. In this song I was pushing myself to have greater respect for my achievements and more faith in my ability. Give you dreams a go and remember that love is there and it dreams can come true.

3. Brilliant

Confidence is important, powerful and inspiring. In this song I was pushing myself to have greater respect for my achievements and more faith in my ability. Give you dreams a go and remember that love is there and it dreams can come true.

4. Blunt

I was feeling betrayed by a lover who wasn’t what I expected. I feel that bodies uniting is a precious thing. It can be graceful, honorable, and fun. I was left feeling hollow after this brief encounter. I wrote this song feeling empty and slightly frustrated. The heat has gone and I’m still alone.

5. Free

I composed this song about being attracted to a fellow who I couldn’t have. The person was a parent and had a partner that loved them. Was it honorable to let someone be, avoid the attraction, because they were with someone else? I see unfaithfulness around every corner. I believe that great relationships are one on one, no shadows

6. Mawson In Antarctica

Mawson was my first song. I composed it during the return voyage of the Aurora Australis after a year’s isolation working in Antarctica. It was written from the zone of a stranger. After spending a year seeing only 19 faces and hearing only 19 voices the shock of new people is difficult to explain, especially to people who haven’t been there. It is only something that people who work out bush or out on the boats or in other extremities of the earth can tell you about. I was lucky enough to be surrounded by an enthusiastic crew that supported the music and the musicians on board. There was a trumpet, a French horn, a flute, violin, trombone a tuba, all sorts of brass and guitarists. I received great pleasure in listening to the patterns that arrived, as if out of thin air, to accompany my first song. The Antarctic is a cold and unforgiving place. The lack of sun, lack of fresh food and lack of human interaction can be all encompassing. I believe when you see someone whose down and out support and encouragement are the roads to recovery. I have found that I have more time to listen and learn and get great satisfaction in raising a smile on lonely faces. There is a way to recover. The action of doing things will slowly get you back on your feet and build confidence. This song reminds me that you can escape troubles and start again. Music had become a part of me in the isolation that can only be felt when you can’t get away. The experience made me more aware and more sensitive to mental illnesses and injury.

7. Anymore

Love is a funny thing. Sometimes the chemistry is so strong, and then fades. Sometimes it gets better and better with time like good wine. Sometimes it just disappears. Once I was in a relationship and when I looked up, suddenly, the love wasn’t there anymore. Have you ever seen lovers with their destiny mapped out, journeying together, then, next thing you know it’s gone. That’s what this song is about. Anymore

8. Had A Map

Have you ever been lost? The maps missing and you can’t find the right direction? Once I was badly burnt chasing a dream. I lost the belief in my dreams possibilities. Without the imagination of success I found that I lacked the drive to push forward and make my dreams come true. I’m glad that my positive drive came back to me. I can lose focus when the road feels too rocky and forget to enjoy the journey.

9. Lonely Again

I was staying in Kununurra W.A. Melancholy was overpowering. I was still coming to terms with some of the horrible dramas that happened to me in Antarctica. (Licking my wounds, so to speak). I needed to push this energy into something positive. I used this energy to create a restless musical progression around major sevenths. A surprisingly unique feeling arrived and the lonely words came from the depth of my soul. I found a nifty little progression emphasizing major seven chords. The song rounded itself off and surprised me by suiting the song and having a unique sound. Being alone is often a blessing we forget to treasure. If time is too slow and you need to talk, go out, and in seeking that ear to ease your troubles you just may be keeping someone else’s loneliness at bay.

10. Take Another Slice

Hollow words make me cranky. I here someone’s plan. I get all excited then I find out its all hot air. Results depend on where intention lies. In this song I tell a story of love trust and betrayed. This song does have swearing in it. When I wrote it I was full of fury and indignity. The song released all that emotional build up. I was pleasantly surprised to see the reaction to the song. I try not to be too uncouth with my vocabulary but this song was written from raw passion and emotion. The words, once down on paper, couldn’t be rearranged. The first people I sang it to were the Bingil Bay Beach crowd. The song must have stayed with them because during the next week I found all the locals were humming the melody. The last line in the song was created after the punch of initial work. The kids around Mission Beach still sing the last line with me, “Ice cream would be nice’

11. Where Did It Go?

Have you ever run out of energy? Lost that drive that keeps a spring in your step and the sparkle in your eyes? I have. This song is all about your personal power. When you’re angry or sad or frustrated, it’s an energy. You can use this energy in anyway you chose. I like to write songs or go for a walk. Sometimes I even use that energy to clean my room. When you bottle up that energy hide it put it away or use it for something negative only bad energy will result. It’s taken me some time to practice using the energy for growth but when I do the results prove to me that it is a better way. Use your power.

12. Things I Know

One afternoon I was crossing the road when a stranger glared at me. Racism exists in many forms. I fear anyone who can hate a total stranger because of his or her skin tone. Just one glance inspired me to write this tune. Learning from the past is important but to create a better future we must change ways for better. Don’t let the clouds from your past follow you into your future.

13. I Want To Share My Orgasms With You

I’m not scared of the ‘O’ word. The ‘F’ word can be a little derogatory and is often used in an insulting way. I’ve heard people say ‘You ‘F’ wit or ‘F’ off . You never hear people say you ‘O’ wit. The ‘O’ word is beautiful. Try it can you say Orgasm. Will this song be played on the radio? I don’t know. It doesn’t offend me. It’s not a rude word. We shall see.


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